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Public liability insurance who needs it

Public liability insurance for UK businesses is specifically available to the self employed  and other professional tradesmen in the UK.  This type of business insurance covers firms and the self employed professionals when offering their services to  the public or other firms and will protect them when something goes wrong.

Certainly as the name suggests this type of business insurance cover is required in order to be adequately protected  against the risks that can beset the self employed tradesman or any other professional business that offers services to the public or to other businesses.

Why buy a Public liability insurance policy

Any property is valuable by virtue of the fact that someone is paying to have it cleaned, repaired, refurbished or built from scratch irrespective of whether the said value is sentimental or financial.

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Therefore, a tradesman is constantly at risk of having to pay out for property that gets damaged as a consequence of working on other peoples property. This, though, is in no way the solitary risk that the self employed tradesman or the employees of an incorporated business faces.

A tradesman  needs to have business insurance to be protected against the risk of a member of the public, a customer or a staff member being injured whilst on the premises. It is also necessary to be protected against any loss or damage to business property, inclusive of the building, be it through theft, vandalism, flood, fire or otherwise.

By buying a public liability insurance policy you ensure the well being of your business and in order to be adequately covered, you need a business insurance policy that brings together a number of different types of insurance covers namely:

Employer’s liability insurance

Covers any property damage and bodily injuries including legal costs and expenses should an employee get injured.

Public liability insurance

Covers any property damage as well as bodily injuries including legal costs and expenses in the event of a customer getting injured or their property getting stolen or damaged.

Compare public liability insurance quotes and business insurance policies

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Business contents insurance

Covers your business tools, machinery and office equipment against theft and or damage by fire, flooding and vandalism.

Product liability insurance

Covers any damages, legal costs and expenses in the event of customer illness or death because of your products and or services.

Loss of income insurance

Covers any loss of income that occurs whilst waiting for an insurance payout.

In order to have a comprehensive business insurance cover it is necessary to combine multiple insurance covers because the professional tradesman  is among the most vulnerable of businesses and an appropriate  liability insurance policy is your only guarantee of total peace of mind.

Perfect Products Combined with Top Customer Service

When it comes to buying a public liability insurance   policy, a ‘one size fits all’ approach is never advisable. Too little business insurance cover and you’re at risk of not being adequately covered, too much cover and you’re paying over the odds. At you can tailor your policy to your exact requirements at a cheap premium. In doing so the premiums we charge represents outstanding value.

And all our business insurance policies are backed up by our outstanding customer service.

Our representatives are always contactable to assist and advise you about Public liability insurance – Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 , You can email us at, or call us on 0121-628 9494 and we will be happy to help you.

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