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Why do I Need Public Liability Insurance

Hairdressing public liability insurance is totally necessary when you are working in a mobile or freelance environment. You work in situations, often, where you are visiting people’s houses, and so there is an extra need to protect you and your business interests, in a situation whereby you accidentally cause damage to someone’s property. In this situation your business is accountable for any damage that has to be paid for, and such payments are covered by a good Hairdressing Public Liability Insurance policy. If you do not have protection then it is important for your business, and for your own peace of mind, to make sure that you get it in place – today.

Sometimes damage can be caused by an incident that is essentially nothing to do with your business. you might be visiting a client’s house and accidentally knock something over whilst you are going about your business, in much the same way as anyone might, were they to be visiting someone’s house. It is also important to realise that you might cause damage to a client’s property (or a member of the public), in a vehicle that you use for business purposes. You will want to be covered if this the case, and able to fall back on your hairdressing insurance provider.

Then there are the legal implications and compensation implications to consider, if you were to have an accident that resulted in one of your clients being injured. People have all sorts of reactions to the various products that are used in hairdressing, and the last thing you want to do is make yourself vulnerable by not being able to cover the cost of having a client sue you because of an unforeseeable occurrence. Compensation for cosmetic injuries can sometimes run into the hundreds of thousands – millions – and with the legal bills that have to be met on top, there is little or no chance of being able to absorb this with the funds at your disposal as a hairdresser. Without question, the only way to have the confidence to go about your work feeling protected and safe, is to get hairdressers public liability insurance policy.

Public Liability Insurance policy

Hairdressers insurance is a niche type of insurance, but it is still relatively easy to get a quote from many of the online providers, with most websites offering free quote calculator services. The more quotes you get, the more able you are to make an informed decision as to which provider can provide you with the best level of cover and at a price that represents good value. Always speak to an insurer before choosing hairdressers public liability insurance policy, as you will need to develop a feel for how they treat their customers; you will need to feel assured that they will be good to deal with in the event that you want to make a claim, further along down the line.

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