Our Cookies Policy

What are cookies?
Web Cookies are small pieces of data sent from our website and stored in your web browser while browsing our website. Cookies allow our site to respond to you individually by gathering and remembering information about your choices / preferences. Cookies also provide us with information about how people have interacted with our website in order to improve our website. Cookies do not harm your computer, Cookies do not access information on your hard drive, and they are not used by us to store or retrieve personally identifiable information like credit card details or bank details.

How does our site use Cookies?
We value our customers’ privacy and for this reason we now explain the reasons why Cookies are used. Briefly, Cookies are used to allow you our visitor to use all the features of our website and as such your computer or mobile device must accept cookies as they are required for the following reasons:

1. Proper and orderly functioning of the site
Cookies are used to keep you logged in to the site when you generate quotes, retrieve quotes, or access your insurance policy. Cookies are therefore used by websites to know whether you are logged in or not, and which account you are logged in under. Without Cookies, the site would not know whether to send a page containing sensitive information, or to require you to authenticate yourself again by logging in.

2. Improving the site
We also use Cookies to track users on the site to understand how they are using it. We can then improve the site by gathering information like which pages they have visited, where they leave the site, and which pages are causing problems.

Links and Third Party Cookies
Iprism Underwriting Agency Limited (IPUA), also use Cookies when you Get a Quote from our site. IPUA will use cookies to track the pages you visited to show you relevant products and services based on your choices / preferences. Please refer to the cookie policies of the site to find out about their individual policy which may differ from ours and is not within our control.

Where you have linked to another site from our website, we may be required to pass your personal information to the third party. Please read the privacy statement provided by the third party website to make sure that you understand how they will process your information.

Can I control Cookies?

Your internet browser automatically accepts Cookies. However you can change your Cookie preferences by clicking on your browser’s ‘settings’, “tools”, “Internet Options” menu, and check the privacy and security sections. You can select to block / reject Cookies, but our site, as well as other sites you may wish to visit, will not function properly. However you can set your computer to show you the Cookies that the site is attempting to store on your computer and then you can choose to accept or to reject the storage of the Cookie. You can also delete Cookies stored on your computer.

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Please note that the Internet is not a 100% secure medium of communication and, accordingly, we cannot guarantee the security of any information transmitted via the Internet. We are not responsible for any damages you, or others, may suffer as a result of the loss of confidentiality of such information.

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