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Why do I need Public Liability Insurance

For a Mobile therapists liability insurance is an absolute necessity if you work in a mobile or freelance capacity. Due to the type of work you do, and the fact that you are always visiting people at their home, there is a heightened risk of damage to other people’s property. This is especially true when you think about how various cosmetics can cause damage to the type of materials that furnishings are made out of. The cost of replacing a beautiful three piece suite could run into the thousands, which is just one reason why it is important to have mobile therapists insurance in place.

It may be just a case of slipping and accidentally damaging someone’s property, but that property could be priceless, and having to replace it out of the funds of your business is potentially simply not an option. Having mobile therapists insurance to back you up financially, should such a crisis occur, is something which adds a certain confidant buoyancy to going about your work.

It is impossible to predict such calamities, and in the same way it is impossible to predict the type of injury that can be caused. Can you imagine, without mobile therapists insurance, trying to meet the cost of legal fees if a client was unhappy with the work that you carried out and decided to sue you? The cost of compensation and legal fees is far too high to be absorbed by the average mobile therapist, and so must be factored for when it comes to ensuring that you, and your customers, are adequately protected by a good mobile therapists Public Liability Insurance policy.

Where and how do i get this  policy cover

The policy that you choose needs to cover public liability claims, product liability claims and professional risk in treatment, among other things, and so you need to make sure that you deal with an insurance company that has a specific knowledge of dealing with mobile therapists insurance. In order to source the best public liability insurance policy, from the best provider, make sure you use the internet to your advantage. Get as many online quotes as you can and don’t be afraid to call the providers to find out more. Speaking to an insurer is the only way to get a feel for how they communicate, and how well they are likely to handle a situation whereby you need to make a claim. Remember, your mobile therapy is your livelihood – make sure you are properly protected with a good public liability insurance policy.

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