Insurance Guide for UK Businesses

Guide to Public Liability Insurance Cover for UK based:-

  • Tradesman
  • Small Business
  • Events’ Organiser
  • Limited  Company
  • Sole Trader / Partnership
  • Small Medium Enterprises SME(s)

On a daily basis UK businesses are faced with a barrage of inquiries, events, health and safety issues and new laws to keep them busy. As the owner or manager of a business it is your duty to keep up with this ever changing business environment. You might be forgiven for not paying attention to minor issues but it is paramount that you do not overlook the valuable peace of mind that Insurance offers you against unforeseen accidents, damage to your property, property that you are entrusted with or work you are undertaking on or at other people’s property.

Insurance is a cheap and affordable solution that offers you peace of mind should a situation arise that brings about a financial loss or puts your reputation at risk as the insurance policy will be in place to give you financial assistance. The insurance policy will ensure that you are not personally out of pocket, giving both you and your customer the reassurance that redress will be forthcoming. Putting things right in these circumstances is costly, time consuming and the invaluable insurance cover will be there to help you in easing the pain and burden of redress.

Unlike Employer’s Liability Insurance, Public Liability Insurance is not compulsory but is essential to safeguard your income against any unforeseen Liability claim. Claims could jeopardise your income and the continuation of your trading position due to the fact that should a compensation order be made against you then without insurance you have to meet this demand from your own resources. This might mean selling your private assets to meet this demand and effectively, in certain instances, you could be putting your own home at risk.

This site offers you further explanations about individual type of businesses and their need to purchase cover. These are designed to assist you in making an informed decision before purchasing Public Liability Insurance on line.

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